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Residents of Canada can deposit at online casinos using eTransfer. This is a unique form of depositing that works a lot like an eCheck, but the funds are actually immediately held from your account. This gives you the peace of mind that you aren’t going to forget about the transaction and end up with an insufficient funds charge in a few days.

This payment method can be used at your local shops, to shop online, and it can also be used to deposit funds into your online casino account. You will have no problems finding online slot casinos that accept eTransfer. Many Canadians use eTransfer on a daily basis to conduct the majority of their business, and online casinos want to make sure that it is easy for you to deposit and withdraw funds from your account.

How Can I Sign up for an eTransfer Account

The great thing about eTransfer is that you do not have to sign up for anything. You just need to bank at one of the banks that is participating in eTransfer. The six major Canadian banks have made it simpler than ever for Canadians to play real money slots games at online casinos by depositing using eTransfer. This option is only available for residents of Canada that bank at any of the following:

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Bank of Montreal
Manulife Bank of Canada
Toronto-Dominion Bank
Royal Bank of Canada

If you bank at any of these banks then you can easily make a deposit at an online slots casino. You will begin by logging into your bank’s online banking system. Once you have logged in then you simply select the amount you would like to deposit at the casino and follow the instructions to complete the electronic transfer. This is the fastest way for Canadians to deposit funds into their accounts.

Does the Bank Charge a Fee for eTransfers?

There usually is a fee involved with eTransfers. The great thing about the eTransfer fee is that it is a flat rate fee. Many payment processors charge a percentage of the amount you are depositing as a fee, but you will be charged the same amount whether you are depositing $5 or $500 when you use eTransfer.

Sometimes the banks offer some free eTransfer transactions. You should check with your bank about this. It might save you a little bit, but the fees for using eTransfer are minimal.

Which Online Casinos Accept eTransfer?

Canada is one of the best places to live for online casino players. Many countries have made it almost impossible for players to play at online casinos, but Canada has made it easy for players. Canada doesn’t even charge players taxes on their winnings unless the player is a professional player.

Online casinos are aware that Canada is a huge potential market for their casinos. This is why all major online casinos have a huge variety of deposit options. The online casinos are aware of how popular eTransfer has become, and all of the major casinos accept this form of funding.

Best eTransfer Online Slots Casinos

If you search for an online casino that accepts eTransfer then you will be overwhelmed with the results that you will get. It is sometimes hard to choose which casino is the best for you. The first thing that you should consider when you are choosing an online casino is the reputation of the casino. You should ask questions like:

Does this casino pay in a timely manner?
Has this casino been involved in a scandal?
Is this casino regulated by a regulatory commission?
Is this casino licensed?

It might take you a little bit to do all of this research. That’s where we come in, as we have already completed this research for you. We have found that the two best online slots casinos at this time are and Bodog. These are both reputable casinos with a lot to offer players.

Will I Receive a Bonus with eTransfer?

Bonuses are a major part of the online casino world. They can make a major difference in your bankroll and the amount of time that you can play. You should always receive a bonus on your first deposit at any casino, but you want to choose a casino that will continue to offer you bonuses.

Most reputable online casinos will have a bonus system in place. They may offer weekly bonuses on a certain day of the week or special monthly bonus offers. Some online casinos will offer your bonuses based on your play history. You should receive bonuses after your initial deposit bonus.

Another way that many online casinos reward their loyal players is through Loyalty Programs or VIP Programs. Some online casinos award you with huge prizes like trips or electronics and other online casinos give cashback bonuses to their loyal players.

We will keep you abreast of the best eTransfer online slot casino bonus offers. Please visit our page often to keep up to date.