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Many people believe that you must download bulky software to your computer in order to play real money slots games, but this is not true. In fact, almost all online casinos offer instant play games. This means that you simply sign up at the casino and choose the game that you would like to play. The game will instantly load in your browser so that you can begin playing.

Can I Play All of the Slots Games with No Download?

Almost all of the most popular slots games will be available for you to play instantly in your browser. The casino software developers are working frantically to offer all of the games in the instant, no download version. Even though not all of the games are available to play instantly, you will have no problem finding a wide variety of games.

Some of the most popular games available for no download play include Bonus Slot Games, Progressive Slot Games, Classic 3 Reel Slot Games, and 5 Reel Slot Games. The games play out smoothly directly in your browser. You will probably need Flash to play the games, but that is easily downloaded for free if you don’t already have it.

No Download Slots Bonuses

Another misconception about no download casino games is that you will only receive a bonus if you actually download the site. In most cases, this is untrue. The two best sites that we have found to play no download slot games are Bodog and These sites actually give you an option of whether or not you would like to receive a bonus.

You are probably thinking “Why would someone choose not to receive a bonus?” The simple reason is that when you accept a bonus at an online casino there is almost always a play-through requirement before you can cash out. The amount that you are required to play through varies depending on the casino you are playing at, but it is always a multiplication of the amount you deposited and the bonus.

If you are confused about what a play-through requirement is then we can break it down for you. Let’s say that the online casino you are playing at has a play-through requirement of 20x. This means that you must place bets and play through games to equal 20x your original deposit amount before you will be allowed to cash out.

With that being said, I always take the bonus. Bonuses increase your bankroll so that you can play longer. I want to hit a big jackpot, and I think that if I can play longer then my chances are increased. You can choose not to take the bonus if you would like, though. The choice is completely up to you.

Best No Download Slot Games

If you have arrived at this page then we are sure that you are looking for the best places to play real money slot games without having to download any software. There are many reasons people choose to play no download games, but we have found that privacy is one of the top reasons. When you play no download slot games you don’t have to worry about someone sitting down at your computer and seeing an icon to an online casino.

Many sites offer instant or no download games, but we want to make sure that you are playing at the best sites. You will want to make sure that you are playing at a site that is licensed and regulated. You will also want to make sure that the site has a good reputation of processing cashouts in a timely manner.

Aside from these important things, you will want to make sure that the site has a variety of games to choose from. Even though sites advertise that they have no download games available, many of these sites only have a handful of games to choose from if you are playing the instant version.

The two best sites available online today to play slots instantly are Bodog and Both of these sites have over 100 games that can be played instantly. The software loads quickly, and the games play out smoothly. You will have over 90 slot games to choose from, which include progressive slot games, 3D slot games, and bonus slot games just to name a few.

These sites also offer hefty bonuses for your slot play. You can cash in on thousands of dollars in added bonuses when you sign up at either of these sites. They also have Cashback VIP Programs. You will earn points each time you play any real money game. These points can be exchanged for cash rewards. It doesn’t get any better than that.

We here at want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your online casino play. We are constantly updating our pages to give you pointers for choosing the right casinos. We do all of the research so that you can just enjoy the games. Check back often as we update frequently.